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Welcome to INCF!

Individual members

Individual members enjoy a range of benefits from INCF and our collaborators, and have a voice in our various governing bodies.

  • Individual membership, students - 1 year
    20,00 USD
  • Individual membership, students - 2 years
    40,00 USD
  • Individual membership - 1 year
    50,00 USD
  • Individual membership - 2 years
    100,00 USD
  • Individual 1 year membership + Assembly - Students
    30,00 USD
  • Individual 1 year membership + Assembly - Regular
    100,00 USD

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are currently residing in Sweden, your membership fee has been already paid by the country. Please contact for further instructions. 

Are you unable to pay the membership fee? Please fill the waiver request form for consideration and approval.