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Products and resources

The INCF network serves as a forum in which neuroscientists, infrastructure providers, developers, and publishers work collaboratively to develop and promote the adoption of data standards, tools, and infrastructure that facilitate open and FAIR neuroscience.

Current portfolio of data and metadata standards and best practices that facilitate open and FAIR neuroscience research.

Current portfolio of Working Group outcomes: collaborations to develop, refine, and/or implement community standards.

The INCF Infrastructure Portfolio contains an index of neuroscience data repositories and scientific gateways that have been assessed using the criteria for repository and science gateways and associated recommendations

Current portfolio of publishers and initiatives working with the INCF network to increase the transparency of the publication process and improve reproducibility.

The INCF Training Suite is a collection of open access platforms that aims to facilitate self-guided study in the sub-specialisms of neuroscience with an emphasis on Neuroinformatics and acts as a framework for integrating and making Neuroscience related training materials FAIR.

Neurobot is a web-based application for simplifying data sharing and metadata management for research. The data model behind Neurobot has a stackable backend and has been optimized for faster queries on large datasets.