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Neurobot gets good reviews at the TBI Data Analytics Workshop

21 December 2016

Neurobot is a clinical study data management tool developed by INCF. CENTER-TBI, a large European project that aims to improve the care for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the first study using Neurobot and it was customised based on the feedback from researchers in the project.

The latest version of CENTER-TBI dataset with 4509 core subjects and 22849 registry subjects data was released through Neurobot on 25th January 2019. In the TBI Data Analytics Workshop held at the University of Antwerp on 31st January 2019, over 110 research proposals were presented by researchers who will be using data provided through INCF-Neurobot.

"I believe that its strength lies in its simplicity in use, as well as in the incorporation of a dictionary, through which the user can read a fine description of the variable." - says Evgenios N. Kornaropoulos, Associate Researcher (PostDoc) at the University of Cambridge

To know more, visit the Neurobot webpage