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The International Brain Initiative

27 January 2020

A new NeuroView paper in Neuron describes the International Brain Initiative, IBI, a consortium of big brain projects across the world who aim to coordinate efforts across existing and emerging national and regional brain initiatives. IBI was established in recognition of the fact that no single initiative will be able to tackle the challenge to better understand the brain. INCF is part of the stakeholder collective and INCF representatives participate in several working groups that are relevant to our mission and aims.

The paper describes the vision of IBI and outlines the IBI set of global aspirational goals; to (1) promote coordination and leadership, (2) transcend borders, (3) share and disseminate knowledge, and (4) shape the future. To promote these goals, working groups are being established in the areas of (1) Global Neuroethics, (2) Global Inventory of Brain Initiatives, (3) Education and Training, (4) Data Standards and Sharing, (5) Tools and Technology, and (6) Communication and Outreach. 

If you’re attending the FENS Forum in Glasgow in July 2020 you can join us and hear more about the initiative and the members at the IBI special interest event on July 12.