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INCF successfully completes its 11th Google Summer of Code

14 September 2021

INCF has successfully concluded its 11th season of the Google Summer of Code, with 21 students completing their projects over the summer, mentored by more than 40 mentors from the INCF community. Projects range from assembling a Python toolbox for computing high-order information in neuroimaging to converting public neurophysiology datasets to NWB - see them all here, including code samples, on the GSoC portal.

GSoC is a long-running program sponsored by Google where students get a stipend for pursuing coding projects in open source. INCF has participated in the program since 2011 as a mentoring organization, identifying and recruiting mentors from our community who volunteer to mentor one or more students in open source software development over the summer. INCF has served as an umbrella organization, requesting and reviewing project ideas from community projects and pairing students with mentors. Students are in turn supported by a stipend from Google. Many core INCF community tools, like the GeNN and Brian simulators, the Open Source Brain model database and the LORIS platform have been improved, extended, or made more interoperable as a result of GSoC. 

Read more on our GSoC page.