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Call now open for MATLAB Community Toolbox Training Projects 2023

26 May 2023

While engaging and training early-career neuroinformatics researchers in FAIR and open science has long been one of INCF’s principal motivations, we also seek to continually increase connectivity between our industry and academic members. MathWorks, an INCF industry organization and inaugural member of the Industry Advisory Council (IAC), shares INCF’s mission of training early-career researchers in open science, and is increasingly supporting the ecosystem of open-source MATLAB software projects. In the spirit of these shared values, the call is now open for interested trainees to apply for a position in the third annual collaboration between INCF and MathWorks: MATLAB Community Toolbox Training Projects 2023

The neuroscience team at MathWorks will support mentored and paid early-career code contribution projects to a MATLAB community toolbox (an open-access MATLAB code repository) which serves neuroscience users and use cases. Previous years’ trainees contributed to the development of projects such as the Automatic Analysis, EEGLAB, FieldTrip, MatNWB, FIT/GIFT, GRaFT, and TAPAS PhysIO toolboxes. 

Trainees are welcome from all academic backgrounds, including both early-career neuroscientists with some coding background and early-career software engineers with an interest in neuroscience applications. Additionally, trainees are entitled to a paid stipend comparable to similar programs if they make fair best efforts, engage with their mentors, and contribute at least one GitHub pull request (or equivalent).

Project scopes should be specified to take approximately 7 weeks of full-time work. This can be concentrated full-time effort; or spread out over a somewhat longer time frame with part-time effort. All projects should start by July 1 and be completed by September 30. Exact project start and end dates should be agreed between the trainee and mentor. Participants will be invited to a virtual mid-summer gathering in August to meet other participants and share about each others’ projects.

For further information about MATLAB Community Toolbox Training Projects 2023, please see Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not covered there, please contact

List of confirmed participating Community toolboxes (continuously updated)