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21 INCF projects have been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2020

5 May 2020

We are excited to announce the 21 INCF projects that have been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2020! Stay tuned for more content on GSoC, including mentor profiles and posts detailing each project. Want to stay up-to-date with the projects in real time? Follow along on Neurostars! We have a page dedicated to the GSoC projects here.

Our sincere congratulations to the students and a big thank you to the mentors involved - we can’t wait to work with you!

Project 1    A reduced time-series feature library to efficiently characterize neural dynamics
Student    Imran Alam
Mentors    Ben Fulcher, Joseph Lizier

Project 2    Automated Comparison of Scientific Methods for Time-Series Analysis 
Student    Salman khan
Mentors    Ben Fulcher, Joseph Lizier

Project 3    Benchmarking modern SNN training algorithms on GeNN
Student    Manvi Agarwal
Mentors    Jamie Knight, Thomas Nowotny

Project 4    Cell Tracking Using Geometrical Features
Student    Raghavendra
Mentor    Dimiter Prodanov

Project 5    Conversion of large scale cortical models into PyNN/NeuroML
Student    Ronaldo Valter Nunes
Mentors    Padraig Gleeson, Ankur Sinha

Project 6    Deep learning using geometric features
Student    Joanna Stachera
Mentor    Dimiter Prodanov

Project 7    Improved model description functionality in brian
Student    Vigneswaran c
Mentors    Marcel Stimberg, Dan Goodman

Project 8    Improving Personalized Models of fMRI Recordings Including Individual Region-Specific HRF in The Virtual Brain
Student    Amogh Johri
Mentor    Daniele Marinazzo

Project 9    LORIS Automated Testing
Student    Alexandra Livadas
Mentor    Christine Rogers

Project 10    LORIS Visualization of timed neuroscience data
Student    Karim Hasbini
Mentor    Christine Rogers

Project 11    LORIS: API development and documentation
Student    Simon Pelletier
Mentor    Christine Rogers

Project 12    RI Registration using Deep Learning and Implementation of Thin-Plate Splines
Student    Sarath Chandra
Mentors    Bramsh Qamar Chandio, Eleftherios Garyfallidis, Shreyas Fadnavis

Project 13    OpenWorm - OpenDevoCell Integration
Student    Ujjwal Singh
Mentors    Bradly Alicea, Vinay Varma Nadimpalli

Project 14    Conversion of public neurophysiology datasets to NeuroData Without Borders format
Student    Vergil (Reuben) Haynes
Mentors    Matteo Cantarelli, Padraig Gleeson

Project 15    Pre-trained models for Developmental Neuroscience
Student    Mayukh deb
Mentor    Bradly Alicea

Project 16    Python-based electroencephalography (EEG) and deep learning workflow System
Student    Ronak Doshi
Mentors    Lukas Vareka, Roman Mouček

Project 17    Responsive dashboards for extensive exploration, monitoring, and reviewing of large neuroimaging datasets
Student    Mohammad Asif Hashmi
Mentors    Jordi Huguet, Greg Operto

Project 18    SciUnit Bifurcation analysis
Student    Syed Hussain Ather
Mentor    Rick G, JohnGrif

Project 19    TVB: Web GUI for Reconstruction Pipeline
Student    Punit Batra
Mentors    Paula Popa, Lia Domide 

Project 20    Unit Tests for Large-Scale Brain Network Dynamics
Student    Sorenza Bastiaens
Mentor    Rick G, JohnGrif

Project 21    Upgrade and Fix tvb-gdist C++ Library 
Student    Ayan Banerjee
Mentors    Paula Popa, Lia Domide